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At Easy Assembly Series, our mission is to provide our readers with comprehensive and reliable information on a wide range of assembly processes. We strive to simplify complex assembly tasks and empower our audience with the knowledge and skills required to efficiently and successfully complete any project.

Our Vision

We envision a world where assembly processes are seamlessly executed, regardless of complexity, challenging the notion that assembly can only be accomplished by experts. We believe that with the right guidance, tools, and resources, anyone can achieve assembly success.


Easy Assembly Series was founded in About Us by the renowned assembly expert, Matthew Chapman. With years of experience in the field, Matthew identified a significant knowledge gap between expert assembly mavens and DIY enthusiasts. Recognizing this shortfall, he developed the Easy Assembly Series to bridge this divide and ultimately democratize the art of assembly.

Founder: Matthew Chapman

Matthew Chapman is a visionary with a passion for assembly and a talent for making complex processes seem almost effortless. He has a deep understanding of various assembly techniques, along with vast industry experience, enabling him to curate engaging and informative content. Matthew’s unique ability to simplify assembly methods has inspired thousands of followers and empowered countless individuals to successfully tackle assembly projects.

Website Objective

The main objective of our website is to act as a reliable resource and comprehensive guide for individuals, both beginners and seasoned assembly enthusiasts, who are seeking a one-stop platform for all their assembly needs. Our content is meticulously curated to offer step-by-step instructions, practical tips, and in-depth explanations on various assembly methodologies, tools, and technologies.

Target Audience

The Easy Assembly Series caters to a diverse range of individuals seeking assembly assistance, including DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, professional assemblers, and anyone with an interest in mastering the art of assembly. Our audience may span various industries and areas of interest, but they all share a common desire to become proficient in achieving successful assembly outcomes.

Unique Value

Powered by a team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members, Easy Assembly Series distinguishes itself from others by offering clear and concise instructions void of any ambiguities. Our commitment to presenting reliable and accurate information sets us apart in an online landscape often plagued with misleading and contradictory advice. We diligently ensure the quality of our content, regularly updating and expanding our library of assembly guides and tutorials.

Through our website, we advocate practical, sustainable, and cost-effective assembly best practices. We explore innovative assembly techniques, offer recommendations for tools and materials, and emphasize safety precautions to facilitate successful project completion. Our dedication to simplifying complex assembly processes and enabling confident DIY endeavors drives us to continually provide valuable content.

In conclusion, we at Easy Assembly Series wholeheartedly believe that assembly should not be a source of stress or intimidation. Through the dedication of our team and the vast knowledge we share, we aim to revolutionize assembly by making it accessible, rewarding, and enjoyable for all. Let us simplify the assembly for you, and embark on a fulfilling journey towards assembly mastery with Easy Assembly Series.

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