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Mission and Vision

At Easy Assembly Series, our mission is to provide comprehensive and accessible assembly instructions that empower individuals to confidently tackle any DIY project. We envision a world where people of all skill levels can successfully assemble furniture, equipment, and other products with ease and enjoyment.


Easy Assembly Series was founded in 2015 by Matthew Chapman, a passionate DIY enthusiast with a knack for simplifying complex processes. Frustrated by the lack of user-friendly assembly instructions available in the market, Matthew set out to bridge the gap between complicated manuals and everyday consumers.

Matthew Chapman – Founder

As the founder of Easy Assembly Series, Matthew Chapman draws upon his extensive experience in DIY projects to drive our mission forward. With years of hands-on involvement in prototyping and design, Matthew possesses a deep understanding of the challenges that individuals face when attempting to assemble products independently. His passion for clear and concise explanations is the driving force behind Easy Assembly Series.

Website Creation

The decision to create our website was born out of a deep desire to make assembly instructions more accessible to a broader audience. We recognized that many individuals find traditional paper manuals included with DIY products overwhelming and frustrating. This motivated us to create a user-friendly online platform that provides simple, step-by-step assembly guidance to empower individuals to confidently tackle any project.


Our website’s core objective is to revolutionize the assembly experience by offering comprehensive, yet easily understandable instructions. By providing illustrations, videos, and tips, we aim to simplify the often complex process of product assembly, ensuring success for both beginners and experts alike. Our step-by-step breakdown fosters a sense of self-accomplishment, eliminates confusion, and reduces common struggles associated with assembly.

Target Audience

Easy Assembly Series caters to a diverse range of individuals, including DIY enthusiasts, homeowners, students, and professionals who seek user-friendly assembly instructions. Whether you are assembling furniture, exercise equipment, household appliances, or even constructing DIY projects, our platform is designed to assist every individual who desires a smoother assembly process.

Unique Value

What sets Easy Assembly Series apart is our exceptional team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members. With an unwavering commitment to clarity, accuracy, and usability, their expertise ensures that our content is detailed, logically organized, and presented in an easy-to-understand manner.

Furthermore, we continuously update and expand our database to cover a wide variety of products to meet our users’ diverse needs. Armed with our user-friendly platform, comprehensive resources, and commitment to excellence, Easy Assembly Series is your go-to solution for hassle-free and successful assembly experiences.

Join thousands of individuals who have benefited from our easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Start your journey towards stress-free assembly today with Easy Assembly Series!

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